Tips For Planning A Corporate Christmas Party Function

corporate Christmas party function

If you are in charge of planning Christmas party or function for your office and you are the boss. You need to check that what kind of catering services you need to implement your plan. In a corporate Christmas party function you need to highlight that what you expect from Christmas? Here are some tips that you can implement to make your Christmas party to be perfect.

Supply Alcohol or cold drinks to your guests

If you are arranging Christmas festival and want to enjoy your festive time then most probably you need to supply alcohol to your guests. Is your Christmas party completed without supplying cold drinks or alcohol to your loved ones? Not at all, it is advised that try to serve your guests with beer or wine that are almost good enough for your function. You can also ask social function venue hire Melbourne to provide you services in arranging corporate Christmas function for you. If you use high value alcohol drinks then generally the staff may drink a lot and quickly after seeing that boss is providing free alcohol to the staff. By limiting the drinks or converting your idea in cold drinks most of the people avoid drinking a lot of alcohol at once and even in a shorter time. Also it will reduce the problem for the company or boss if someone drinks excessive quantity of alcohol. While you are planner of the function you are responsible for serving alcohol to your staff.

Try to deliver your theme to unite people

A corporate Christmas party delivered with a theme of uniting people is better than the party which is planned without any common goal. In a Christmas party there is no boss and there is not staff involved because all staff is well dressed and looks like superheroes. A theme of the party put your guests at ease and give them right to enjoy the party from the start and also the theme will decide the direction of your event. If you see that the party guests are bad taste in selecting clothes for the party then try to consider bad colors for your theme.

Select right equipment for your corporate party

If you are trying to plan a Christmas party then there are more chances that you need some equipment and also you need to hire this equipment from catering service. You may also ask social function venue hire Melbourne to arrange a function for you. If you hire services from the company you don’t need to be worry for hiring equipment for your function as the need of equipment is also varies according to the area, if you are living in southern area then you need to hire shaded clothes that you can avoid hot that is coming from outside. But if you are living in northern area then you need to consider heaters as there might be colder outside. With this equipment you also need some other equipment like tables, chairs and serving equipment.

Hire staff or ask willing people to serve drinks and food

You are lucky if you find some willing people who work with you and served drinks and other food items to the guests. To make your corporate Christmas party a perfect one, you need to take care of your guests. If you don’t find any willing persons for your party then try to hire some professional trained catering staff to serve cold drinks or alcohol they also able to handle situations that occur suddenly during the function with their experience.